Coach Daniel Burkhardt

Daniel Burkhardt is owner and head coach of Rock Steady Boxing Greater Bay Area, which includes the national affiliates of Rock Steady Boxing Albany and Rock Steady Boxing Danville.

Coach Daniel Burkhardt, is a native of the Bay Area and graduate of Sacramento City College with an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Academy class 164th. He has also trained diligently for the past four years in various martial arts disciplines.

Through his law enforcement and martials arts training he developed a “never quit” mindset and learned that nobody ever needs to be a victim of life’s circumstances. His training instilled a desire to give back to his community which brought him to Rock Steady Boxing San Francisco as a volunteer in 2015. Under the guidance of owner/coach Kim Wooley and Freddy Silva (owner/coach Peninsula Rock Steady Boxing) he soon fell in love with working with the Fighters and was amazed at the progress they made by doing high intensity interval training (HIIT ) and boxing drills.

Rock Steady Boxing’s motto “Fight Back Against Parkinson’s” and his passion for helping people with Parkinson’s to develop that “never quit” mindset became a natural fit. Through exercises and consistency he saw the fighters feel better, gain self-confidence with everyday tasks, and know they can walk down the street without a fear of falling. “Even if a fighter falls they will know how to fall properly and be able to get right back up and keep moving forward,” says Coach Daniel.

Daniel is CPR & AED certified. He is currently in the process of additionally becoming NASM certified as a personal trainer, which will help fine-tune his eye even more for instructing the fighters on their body mechanics and making sure they always train with the proper form.

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